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1st April, 2020

Emerald International School is making the education dynamic at this crucial time with the complete lockdown declared by the Govt....
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Emerald International School

Sector-31, Spring Field Colony, Faridabad – 121003

The motto of the EMERALD GROUP is a vivid reflection of the mettle and dedication that goes into the making of a noble institution with a noble mission.

It is a constant reminder that the EMERALD GROUP spirit always accords greater priority to the welfare of others over welfare of the self. Service towards an enlightened path has always been the bedrock of EMERALD GROUP philosophy; a philosophy that reflects a commitment to serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly.

About Group

Since 1998 as its inception Emerald vision was laid down by the Arya Dayanand Shiksha Samiti. It was the vision to establish institution for bringing equality in the society for education to all. Today Emerald has become household name for success and academic. Well planned infrastructure and well planned curriculum is speaking its own success saga with 2 schools was established in 1998. The society is further nurtured by great many philanthropists and official & non-official enthusiasts and today thousands of our children are being nurtured and nourished in the soothing shade of this mammoth tree of education society. Now, the society has brought up the EMERALD GROUP, which is affiliated to C.B.S.E. This temple of learning which is cosmopolitan in outlook and co-educational in character, destined to forge ahead with studies, aims at producing scholars by imparting education in conformity with high ideals of truth, tolerance, selfless services and devotion. The school is housed in excellent building to cater to the educational needs of all sections of the society.

Chairman’s Message

“The Journey of a thousand miles often begins with a Single step”


The true purpose of education is building individuals who can be an asset to a generation. Knowledge should ideally be seasoned with values, awareness & social responsiveness. Again knowledge, with time should also graduate towards wisdom that comes with experience and finally when all three come together we have individuals who can inspire an era & beyond.

Principal’s Message

“Education is knowledge imbued with wisdom and ethics. It develops the peronality of the students. moulds their character and develops mentals skills to help them cope with the challenges of present times. It is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”.

Today, the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society.

Emerald International school is first of its kind with a research oriented approach that matches up with national and international standards transforming education from emphasized learning to emphasized thinking. we ensure stress free comfortable learning environment for our students. We aim to provide an atmosphere to our students for multifaceted development, where children are encouraged to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence…


Our Mission

To get self-actualization as education provider.

To produce intelligent, capable, confident, self-dependent and morally uprights citizens with a high sense of integrity.

To provide proper environment for physical, mental, emotional and psychological growth thereby providing life sill education to equip them to face the multifarious competitive world.

To preserve cultural heritage of India.

Our Vision

Three things necessary to make every student ideal, virtuous and great are to inculcate in them :-

Conviction of the power of goodness.

Absence of Jealousy and suspicion.

Being helpful and doing good and above all POSITIVE BENT OF MIND and courage of conviction.

Holistic society of compassionate humans to have spiritually enlightened and intellectually awakened humans.

  • Unparalleled quality education
  • World Class Curriculum
  • State- of- the – art infrastructure
  • Safe and soft teaching materials


  • Curriculum on par with International standards.
  • Student friendly activity-oriented approach.
  • A platform to the young buddies to blossom with their unique curiosity habits.
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.


  • Develops life skills like Communication & Interpersonal skills.
  • Decision making and critical thinking.Self-management. Leadership qualities.Language empowerment.


Salient Features

  • No Bag, No Homework, No Tuition Culture.
  • Weak student’s identification and strengthening.
  • No study day every week.
  • Class followed by assignments to ensure clarity on Concepts.
  • Home visits by teachers.
  • Student friendly activity oriented and project base approach.
  • Third party evaluation every week.
  • International student exchange program.
  • Observation skills development in Kids.
  • Study backup plans through Modules.
  • Pressure is taken by Teachers while pleasure is given to children.
  • ABACUS programme without collecting any additional fee.

Beyond the learning

Outside the Classroom

  • Yoga, Meditation and Prayer form an integral part of the school curriculum so that students have a calm and unburdenedmind.A mandatory co-curricular programme ensures that children step out of their comfort zones and Endeavour tolearn new skills.
  • Celebrations of cultural festivals and historic occasions,both national and international, foster a spirit of togethernessamongst children.
  • Inter-house and school-wide events are organized toinculcate a spirit of loyalty and healthy competition in thechildren and to showcase their talents…


Inside the Classroom

  • With aAverage of 30 students in a class, every childreceives the personal attention that he/she deserves andneeds.
  • A broad range of subject areas are taught to providechildren with sufficient Flexibility when choosing theirarea of specialization.
  • Special emphasis is placed on learning of Indian andForeign Languages….

Learning at Emerald

Emerald Internation Continuously innovates to create learning environments that break traditional boundaries. The philosophy of continuous innovation influences the design of the School and guides ongoing improvement in

Students potentials:

  • Futuristic buildings
  • New generation, environment friendly campuse
  • Technologically advanced teaching methods
  • Teaching and learning without boundaries

At Emerald International School We provide a solid academic foundation and a rich co-scholastic program that is guided by four core values.

World Citizenship: Empowering students with a global and local perspective.

Leadership Qualities: Developing each student’s individuality and discovering their potential.

Universal Values: Accepting that we are all different, recognizing that we are all the same.

Forward Thinking: Developing skills for the future.

Emerald International School offers a comprehensive learning programme that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. Students have countless opportunities to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into well-rounded individuals. Through different facets of the academic scholastic programmes, a range of skills, attributes and values are built and nurtured in the students, to ensure their holistic development.Every activity, both inside and outside the classroom, at Emerald International contributes towards the learning process in different, but equally meaningful ways. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in every aspect of school-life and receive support and guidance from experienced faculty members at all times.

What we Offer

Fun Activities

Fun Activities for all round development.

Concept School

No Tution, No Bag, No Homework

Smart Class

An ambience where kids are given the freedom to explore.

Our Approach

The key to our approach is to create an environment that allows children to observe and investigate topics that naturally intrigue and interest them.

A Few Words From Parents

Emerald Group did a wonderful job of sparking a love for learning and our daughter lovers her teachers, the school and community

- Mr. Praveen Bhatt

What my daughter needs a challenge and an opportunity to show her abilities our children learn out to value and respect our inputs.

- Mr. Omprakash Singh

Everyday my daughter is learning new and getting confidence. She is getting knowledge not only in academics but also in field of sports.

- Mr. Ajay Bhargava

Timely execution of sessional and exams along with transparency in making system is highly, appreciable

- Mr. Abhishek Mishra

Emerald Group provides prefect balance of academics as well as extra curricular activities.

- Mr. Satya Prakash

Emerald Group has given full opportunity to grow my child.

- Mr. Bhupesh Jaiswal

I found the teaching staff are well equipped with high quality and guiding strength toward the student.

- Ms. Sonia

My son is a first grader and has been since kindergarten. The facilities and staff have helped him learn and explore the world.

- Ms. Reena