Mission, Vision & Our Philosophy


  • To get self-actualization as education provider.
  • To produce intelligent, capable, confident, self-dependent and morally uprights citizens with a high sense of integrity.
  • To provide proper environment for physical, mental, emotional and psychological growth thereby
    providing life skill education to equip them to face the multifarious competitive world.
  • To preserve cultural heritage of India.
  • Character Building and imbibing values.
  • Combating materialism and hedonism.
  • To provide student centered curriculum for creating interest in studies.
  • To provide the holistic growth of the child’s personality where the educational program
    is output oriented.


Three things necessary to make every student ideal, virtuous and great are to inculcate in them :-

  • Conviction of the power of goodness.
  • Absence of Jealousy and suspicion.
  • Being helpful and doing good and above all POSITIVE BENT OF MIND and courage of conviction.
  • To make them: professionally skilled, socially committed and culturally integrated persons.
  • Holistic society of compassionate humans to have spiritually enlightened and intellectually awakened humans.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to form persons who are :- physically fit and morally upright, spiritually oriented,
emotional balanced intellectually informed, culturally integrated and socially aware.

“Jiva is shiva” each individual is divinity itself.